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Sealing Concrete

Protect your concrete NOW from pop outs, scaling, and spalding. Without your concrete properly sealed snow, ice, and salt will be sure to do damage this winter. Every spring we get slammed with calls from people who’s concrete didn’t fair too well over the winter. The solution is tear out and replace if you keep putting off the proper maintenance. Protect your investment. Sealing your concrete will greatly reduce these issues.

Don’t get sold on a b.s. Warranty. There are some companies that seal concrete offering some “great” warranties. They are usually a 25 or 30 year warranties that don’t really cover anything. If it was such a great warranty you would think that you could read it before the job was completed? I have hunted down a copy of one of the companies warranties (read the concrete warranty by clicking here). We practice quality work and using the best product for your particular situation, not selling paper.

With our harsh weather conditions it is important to periodically seal your concrete surface. Concrete is a porous product. When you allow water to penetrate your surface and it freezes, it will expand by 9 to 10 percent. This will cause your concrete to pit and deteriorate rather quickly. It is suggested that this be done every three years although we have sealers that will protect your concrete for a longer period of time. This will help to protect against salt and other chemicals and allow your concrete surface to be more easily cleaned. There are generally two types of sealers that work well in our conditions, membrane sealers, and siloxane and or silane sealers. Generally speaking we use membrane sealers on stamped concrete to get color pop. Siloxane / Silane or penetrating sealers are used on regular concrete such as driveways when you don’t want the color of the concrete to be altered. We will consult you on the job site to help you understand which concrete sealer will properly suit the needs of your situation.


Stamped concrete needs to be periodically antiqued and resealed to restore the beauty it had when it was a new product. Some people refer to this as having their concrete restained or recolored when it has faded. This method involves cleaning the patio, generally with a power washer, and following it up with antiquing (to bring back the color), and a couple coats of solvent based sealer.

We are experts in restaining faded stamped concrete and fixing jobs that other contractors didn’t complete correctly. Contact us if an ‘antique and seal’ is what you need.

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