The wonderful aspect of a decorative concrete overlays is the abilty to adapt and create the concrete into individual pieces of art allowing us to fit each customers concrete needs.

An overlay system is a blend of portland and sand which is mixed with a polymer.  These concrete products are specifically designed for overlay applications.   There are many different products on the market currently for concrete overlays.  They are are relatively the same thing.  The improtant aspect to remember is choosing a contractor with the skill to do the job.  If you give someone great overlay products, but fail to hire a person with the ability your result will be a costly one.  

An installation process usually involves a base coat or "bond" coat of concrete which is a thin layer of our polymerized concrete  which allows for a clean surface to create a pattern, or design work.

Some concrete desings are hand taped others will utilize stencils in order to form the pattern.  Your contractor will be able to direct you to the application that is right for your needs. 

The texture coat of concrete, which is applied hand taped, or stenciled is generally hand troweled in order to  adjust the texture as necessary.

Stamped overlays are also a possibility.  This application involves floating around 1/4 inch of overlay material and stamping it with rubber matts just as you would a new concrete pour.

Concrete overlays are generally sealed with two coats of a quality sealer.  You also have the ability to add a gripping agent to the sealer if desired to insure a non slip surface.

These surfaces are great for pool decks, patios, walkways, ect.

If you desire more knowledge of the process be sure to read our e-book.

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